Update On Herb Club

We have been having a blast at our Herb Club meetings

At our second meeting, we enjoyed Billy Brilliant as a special guest!  As you can tell by Billy's McDonalds box on the table, he has no clue about good nutrition.  He is, however, willing to learn, and that is the important thing. :)  We enjoyed his presence very much.  He especially earned brownie points for being a fan of Jill's Home Remedies. :)

During this meeting, we had the children identify and harvest chickweed again.

We showed the kids {and Billy} how to make a yummy chickweed smoothie...

{For this smoothie, we used bananas, blueberries, yogurt, water, chickweed, and orange juice concentrate to taste}

We turned the chickweed oil into a useful salve... 

{Click here to read a post I wrote for the Bulk Herb Store on how to make a chickweed salve}

...and showed how to dry and powder chickweed and place it in capsules!

There are many ways to incorporate this herb into your diet!  Chickweed is a contact healer internally and externally; it's wise to harvest this plant and put it to good use!

How about you?  Have you done anything with chickweed yet this Spring?

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