Modern Essentials Oils Book Review

I am very impressed with this book!  Being a lover of the power of essential oils, this book has so much valuable information to offer!  

Modern Essentials explains in detail the science behind essential oils and how to apply them {with pictures included}.  It includes tips on using essential oils in recipes, cleaning, and other daily household duties.

Other sections in this book are:
  • Single Oils: this section provides concise information about many pure essential oils.  Information includes the properties of each oil, what ailments they are good for, and which other oils they blend well with.
  • Oil Blends
  • Wellness Supplements
  • Essential Living and Spa Products
  • Usage Guide: this section has health conditions from A-Z, and includes which oils can be used for each ailment.  For instance, for ADHD, the book explains how much lavender and basil oil to combine and apply to the crown of the head, the bottom of the feet and/or the spine.  LOVE this section!!

This book is an excellent resource for using essential oils!  I will refer to it for years to come!

If you would like to learn how you could receive a free Modern Essentials book, contact Nancy 801.919.5800 or

Black Pepper
Piper nigrum
Black Pepper essential oil is stimulating and high in antioxidants. This essential oil has been shown to improve circulation, aid the digestive system, and help curb urges to smoke. Black Pepper is also a wonderful flavor enhancer, but a little goes a long way—use sparingly.*

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