My Detox Plan For 2014

There's no denying that we come in contact with toxins on a regular basis in our food, personal care products, using our cell phones, iPads, laptops, and in the air we breathe.  Not ridding ourselves of these toxins can lead to a host of health problems: fatigue, hormonal imbalances, gastrointestinal problems, skin issues, foggy thinking, diseases, cancers, susceptibility to illness, and on and on the list could go.  Detoxing is a must for me, and every year I have my detox plans laid out.  

This is my plan for 2014:

Colon Cleanse - For the colon cleanse, I plan to purchase Bentonite Clay, Detox +, Garlic Powder, Activated Charcoal, and Cayenne. I will follow the colon cleanse ingredients and instructions from the Bulk Herb Store.  Currently the Colon Cleanse Kit is out of stock, so I plan to buy the items individually.  To save money, I probably won't use quite so much bentonite clay in my baths, especially since I have taken clay baths already and should not have quite the toxin overload as before.  If you have never taken detox baths, I suggest using the amount recommended here.

I also normally take something to cleanse the blood, but I believe the cayenne and garlic powder in this cleanse will be sufficient.

Parasite Cleanse - Mountain Meadow Herbs' Para-Rid.  I will probably buy the 4 oz. bottle so I have enough to cleanse my girls too.  Playing with animals and running outside barefoot all spring and summer, they are bound to have a parasite or two. :)  {I really need to make my own parasite tincture one of these days.}

Kidney/Gallbladder Flush - Lemon juice/ olive oil flush

You can purchase a kidney cleanse, but I'm going to do the simple olive oil/lemon juice flush.  I used this flush when I had a kidney stone.  It also rejuvenates and detoxes the kidneys and gallbladder.  {Will be great for the liver too}

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 2 oz. olive oil
2 oz. lemon juice {freshly squeezed}
Large glass of water

Mix the olive oil and lemon juice the best you can.  Do not mix the oil and lemon juice into the water; you drink the water separate.  The oil insists on rising to the top, so it's difficult to mix in, but do your best.  I stir the two ingredients in a cup and stir again after each drink.  After you down the mixture, follow with a large glass of water.  Continue to drink as much water as possible the rest of the day so your body flushes out the toxins.

This flush is very inexpensive, but if you find it impossible to get down, you can purchase a kidney cleanse.

Liver Cleanse - liver cleanse tincture from Bulk Herb Store.  I suffered with a damaged liver for years until I made and used this tincture.  I've been taking this for almost 2 years, and plan to continue taking it almost daily for 3 more years.  My liver was really that bad as a result of prescription medication.  You can read about me making it here.  If you don't wish to make your own cleanse, you can find great products at Mountain Meadow Herbs.

Candida Cleanse - Not every one has candida {yeast overgrowth}, but I found out from my naturopathic doctor that I do.  I've been taking Five Lac {2 packets a day}, and am feeling the difference!  Sugar cravings are much less, blemishes are disappearing, more energy.  I'm determined to get rid of this yeast overgrowth this year! {And make sure it doesn't return!}

Bentonite Clay Baths - These clay baths are so refreshing!  I like to take them every now and then when I can afford it. {the clay is not expensive, but I have to penny-pinch :)}.  I like to take them once a month, but that doesn't always happen.  I will be taking clay baths during my colon cleanse {mentioned above}, but will hopefully be able to take a few more this year.  Since I have done several good cleanses in the past 8 years, I don't necessarily need one every month.  You can read clay bath instructions here.

Foot Detox Bath - My awesome local naturopathic doctor ran a special in January with all of her detoxing machines being only $15!  I took advantage of it and had 3 foot detox baths this month.  Pictured below is me having a foot detox.  You will notice the water that my feet are in is clear - that's because this was the very beginning of the detox.  The water did not stay that color as it detoxed through my feet.  I'll share my experience in the next few weeks.

I believe it's necessary to cleanse each organ every year, and cleanse here and there throughout the year.  {Read here on what I believe is the main cause of disease.}  I was fully vaccinated, I have silver fillings {would love to get them removed some day}, I took my fair share of prescription medications, I didn't eat the best diet growing up, I don't eat as healthy now as I would like to {I eat the best that I can afford}.  Our bodies should be cleansed of toxins, or our health will most likely suffer the consequences.

Do you have detoxing plans this year?  Does it overwhelm you to detox?  Start where you can!

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