Ion Cleanse Foot Bath: The Total Body Detoxification

Last month, my local naturopathic doctor had a special on all of her detox machines.  I took advantage of the $15 price and had 3 foot detox baths!

What is a foot detox bath?

 Foot detoxes have been used in Asian countries for centuries.  This method draws toxins from your body through the feet.  The water in the foot bath is charged with both positive and negative ions which pull toxins through the skin's pores.  Toxins attach themselves to organs, joints, muscles, nerves, arteries, glands and tissues, which can cause a great number of health problems.  Getting rid of toxins promotes good health.  Foot baths are really quite relaxing too!

Foot detoxes last for 30 minutes.  As your feet detox, the water changes color.  Your doctor {or whoever is doing the detox} will be able to tell by the color of the water where the toxins are coming from in your body.  I've heard interesting experiences from some people who have had a foot detox, including one lady who had so much yeast that the water bubbled over the tub!  After the detox, my doctor gave me a small amount of liquid minerals to replace what I lost during the detox.  Detoxing gets rid of the bad stuff, but it will also pull out some beneficial minerals also.

Meaning of the colors:

Black - detoxifying from liver
Black flecks - detoxing heavy metals
Brown - detoxifying from liver, cellular debris, {if you are a tobacco user, the water will be brown as it rids your body of tobacco}
Dark green - detoxifying from gallbladder
Orange - detoxing joints
Red flecks - blood clot material
White cheese-like particles - getting rid of yeast overgrowth
White foam - detoxing lymphatic system
Yellow-green - detoxing kidneys, bladder, urinary tract

How often should you have a detox?  If you can afford it, my doctor said once or twice a week is fine.  I likely will not do any more foot detoxes this year since I'm cleansing internally.  I also take bentonite clay baths and epsom salt baths at home, which is a whole body detox too.  

Have you ever had a foot detox?

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