How Sleeping Too Much Is Actually Making You Sick

Sleep is important for your health! The proper sleep helps you stay focused and alert during the day, and recharges at night to help your body recover from day-to-day work. In addition, proper sleep helps fight problems like obesity, diabetes, heart disease and premature death.

But this does not mean that you spend hours for hours sleeping. Quality sleep is important for your health, but it may also be bad for you to sleep more.
Now, before you start calculating your total sleep time, you should know the reason behind your over-sleeping. Excessive sleep can indicate many different medical problems, including chronic fatigue, thyroid problems, cardiovascular disease, sleep apnea, depression, narcosis and some medicines.
It is important to enjoy a sound and quality sleep, but taking more sleep can lead to health risks. Here are some damages oversleeping can make on your health:

Leads to Obesity

There is a connection between extra sleep and obesity. If you are sleeping for a long time, then you are physically inactive for that period. Less physical activity means that your body is burning low calories, which in turn can increase weight.

Causes Depression

While sleep unrest is a common symptom of depression, it has been found that sleep can affect your mood very much and may even cause frustration. Sleep is associated with the neurotransmitters in the brain, which increases the level of neurotransmitters dopamine and serotonin – the happy hormones. Long sleep period leads to less physical activity, hence neurotransmitters supply a reduced dose of the hormone making you feel sad and depressed.

Causes Back Pain

After sitting in the office for a long hour and then go straight to bed and sleeping until late hours in the morning, chances are you may have a back pain. Most of the time sitting and sleeping, your activity level decreases, which can be bad for your bones and muscles. This can lead to severe back pain as well.
Sleeping in the same position without much body movement can lead to high swelling markers. This May cause more pain and backache. Avoid hitting the bed as soon as you get back home. Do some physical work, exercises before sleeping.

Increases the risk of diabetes

Too much sleep can affect your body’s ability to process sugars. Impaired glucose tolerance creates insulin resistance, which is a well-known risk factor for type 2 diabetes. More sleeping means less time for physical activities. A moving body process sugar and nutrients fast, hence preventing diabetes.
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