Tips From Beauty Experts To Remove Tan

Follow our expert guide to remove tan and look beautiful. Here are the amazing tips we received from beauty experts. Read through them to get the best insights.

1. Jane Cunningham

  1. The ideal situation is not to get sun damage in the first place by always using a high factor SPF for the face. New ‘serum’ type SPFs are ideal for this because they feel more like skin care than sun care, yet give high protection. Cane & Austin and SkinCeuticals both have excellent versions of this. I always advise to also use it on hands. However, you do need to let your skin have some sun because your body needs the Vitamin D. But, never roam around in the sun between 11 am and 4 pm. It’s generally advised to expose your forearms for 20 minutes every day for your essential Vitamin D shot.
  2.  In terms of using skin care to erase sun damage – that’s a tall order. Some brands, such as Clinique, with their Even Better range, are helpful for mild brown spots and can, with long-term use, diminish the marks. Hydroquinone creams prevent melanin production but should only be prescribed by a dermatologist – they can be very effective, as can Retinol products, such as Indeed Labs Retinol Reface Skin Resurfacer Cream. Retinol is having a resurgence in popularity because new formulations mean it isn’t as harsh as it used to be, and most skin types can tolerate it well.
  3. The fastest way to get rid of brown spots on the face is with laser treatments, such as Fraxel. But don’t undertake these lightly. Your skin will scab over to a certain extent, leaving less pigmentation. You may need more than one treatment, and the downside to lasers is that they are usually very expensive.

2. Leslie Baumann

Avoiding the sun is the number one way to prevent premature aging and skin cancer, so I recommend sunscreen for each and every one of my 16 unique Baumann Skin Types. I’m a big fan of self-tanner because it allows everyone to enjoy a healthy golden glow without exposing the skin to the harmful UV rays. But, the results of these products are highly dependent on one’s application skills, so streaks, mistakes, and mishaps are common.
  1.  I recently discovered a product called Bronze Buffer. These reusable sponges contain no added ingredients or chemicals, and they instantly remove unwanted self-tanner AFTER color develops. The key is to be super-gentle. It only takes a few light swipes to remove self-tanner around the knees, ankles, and feet.
  2.  I’ve heard of a variety of at-home ways to remove self-tanner (including soaking in a tub before scrubbing), but none of them have ever worked for me. The best way to ensure a flawless faux glow is to take a few simple steps before tanning, and the most important is proper exfoliation. It’s important to remove any buildup of dead skin cells before self-tanning. You can use a loofah or scrub. But don’t use anything that’s oil-based because the oil can prevent the self-tanner from getting absorbed into the skin.
  3. Another trick that helps prevent uneven color is applying a lotion or cream to potential problem spots before tanning. A little lotion on the feet, knees, and ankles helps dilute the tanner a bit, so the resulting color isn’t so dark.

3. Amber Katz

  1. Rub a lemon all over the spots if you want to remove tan – works especially well on knees and elbows, where the tanner builds up and is darker than on the rest of the body. These areas tend to be drier.
  2. Take a body scrub and scrub it all over your body in the bathtub before running the water. A dry scrub will buff your body and remove dead skin and tanning.
  3. There are self-tanner removers available in the market. I like St. Tropez Tan Optimizer Remover.

4. Lara Eurdolian

  1. Apply aloe vera. It will soothe your tan and lighten it if applied daily (just stay out of the sun).
  2. Lemon Juice – Remember when blondes used to put lemon juice in their hair to lighten it? Well, the same rule goes for your skin too. The citric acid will help you get rid of your tan.
  3. Wear SPF. You don’t want to exacerbate the tan!

5. Pradeep Sharma

Sun tan or tanning is the process of discoloration of the skin. It is caused due to the dangerous UV rays of the sun that attack our skin and damage its beauty. The skin color changes from normal to dark or black. Hence, you must take the necessary preventive measures to keep away from sun tan and skin discoloration.
Tanning darkens the skin and gives rise to problems like burning sensation, wrinkles, permanent damage, age spots, and other signs of premature aging. The main cause of sun tan is prolonged exposure of the skin to the sun. However, the usage of some chemical products can also lead to tanned skin. 

Here are a few useful tips to help you remove sun tan quickly and effectively:
1. Exfoliate
Exfoliating, which is one of the best ways to keep your skin smooth, is equally effective in removing tan quickly. You must exfoliate every second day to get the tan off your skin. It is better to use a cloth or loofah for removing the outermost layers of skin cells from the body. Exfoliating regularly will also keep your skin soft and supple.
2. Aloe Vera Gel
Aloe vera gel works well on tanned skin. Pluck a few aloe vera leaves and scrape out a little gel. Apply it to the tanned areas before going to bed. It lightens the tan and regular usage of this completely removes the tan.
3. Cucumber Juice and Lemon Juice
Mix both the juices, apply it directly on the face and hands. Leave it for 20 minutes. Later, wash your face with cold water. Regular use of this home remedy will brighten your skin and make it tan-free and spot-free. Cucumber works its magic as a natural cleanser for all types of skin.

6. Sara Patel

  1. First, I always ask my blog readers (who approach me) to get the best product available in the market. If I have used the product and it works on me, I suggest the same. And if I have not used the product, I do some research of the ingredients of the cream and by reading some reviews and ask my reader to give feedback of the product. Almost 95% of the time, I get a positive reply. And sometimes, it happens that the product doesn’t work.
  2. To remove tan, I prefer aloe vera gel as the best natural product. This gel is full of antioxidants and skin caring nutrients that will help erase tan quickly.
  3. Using cucumber on the skin is also a great remedy to lighten tan and can also help people with sensitive skin.
  4. Honey, with drops of lemon juice, is also very helpful in removing tan. (Lemon drops should be avoided in case of sensitive skin type or sunburns.)

7. Rebecca Gibson

  1. Take a milk bath! Milk contains lactic acid that exfoliates the skin, and the combination of warm water will also help to remove the dead (tanned) skin cells.
  2. Go swimming! Saltwater (if you are on holiday) or the chlorine at local pools actually fades your tan quicker. The perfect method if you want to fade your tan quickly!
  3. If it’s for your face – use a brightening or whitening skin serum such as the Olay White Radiance range – this will even out any tan or dark spots you may have.
Hope you liked reading this post that offers you innumerable tips and ideas for beautiful, tan-free skin. If you know any other ways on how to remove tan permanently, share them with us in the comments section below.

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