11 Insane Home Remedies For Eyelid Cyst

Eyelid cyst is the most common issue that takes place frequently in a lot of people around us. However, there are large numbers of oil glands in the skin of the eye lids and when such oil glands are blocked because of dust and dirt then it is sure that there is a formation of small lump on the eyelids which is commonly known as eyelid cyst. This eyelid problem mainly takes pace due to the improper cleaning of the skin around the eyes and most of the time bacterial infection could also be a major reason that may lead to the formation of cyst on the eyelids. In the below post, you will get to know the causes and the symptoms related to eyelid cyst. Along with that, you will also get some home remedies for treating eyelid cyst.


There could be lots of causes of eyelid cyst. let us have a look at them:

The Meibomian glands are located near the eyelashes and they are only responsible for producing the oil that used to keep the eyes lubricated with tears.

There are about a hundred of such glands and a blockage in most of the ducts that drain these glands can cause a chalazion of the eye cyst to develop. In most of the cases, the oil in the glands may become quite thick and vicious to flow freely and also causes a build up within the duct.

This thing can lead to the formation of a chalazion also. Some other skin condition such as acne rosacea may be responsible for recurring eye cysts. In other most rare case, an eye cyst may be developed because of cancer of the skin.


  • A lump or bump that is hard and can grow as large as an eighth of an inch
  • Swelling on the upper or lower eyelid that is painful and red
  • Swelling that may increase in size over time
  • Eyelids that are tender and warm to the touch
  • Increased sensitivity to light
  • Increase in the amount of tears produced by the eyes
  • Due to the pressure on the cornea, there may be cases where an eye cyst causes temporary astigmatism. This will disappear once the cyst is treated
  • There may be a loss of eyelashes over the area of the cyst

Also, if you ever experience the below-following symptoms, then it is important to contact your doctor for immediate action to be taken:
  • Constant headache
  • High fever
  • Double vision
  • Blurred vision
  • Excessive drainage from the eye
  • Unable to see clearly
  • Unbearable pain around the eye
  • Both eyes are swollen
11 Home Remedies:

Eyelid cyst is a situation where your eyelids face different kinds of problems but if you are the one who is suffering from eyelids cyst then do not panic because here in the below section, you will get to know about some natural home remedies for cyst on eyelids. Let us go through the one buy one:


Apple cider vinegar is the special ingredient that can be used to treat your eyelids for various reasons like eyelid sagging, eye puffiness, swollen eyelids, etc. This special ingredient provides relief from the swelling and inflammation in your eyelids because of the cyst. Along with this, the anti bacterial nature of it treats the infection that could be a reason for the problem. You can use cotton and apply the apple cider vinegar on the eyelids to get relief.


You can take a warm compress and then apply it on your eyelids in order to reduce the size of the cyst. One of the main benefit of using warm compress is that it promotes the blood circulation in the eyelid nerves and also reduced swelling and inflammation very effectively. This remedy can also help in opening the blocking of oil glands to prevent the reoccurrence of the eyelid problem.


Using guava leaves for eyelids are quite beneficial. The leaves of the guava are quite useful as they are anti inflammatory in nature and the use of guava leaves provide relief from the inflammation as well as itching on the eyelids. For this, you can boil some leaves in water and then you can use the solution as an eye rinse to reduce the eyelid cysts. Another way, you can guava leaves for eyelid cyst is to warm the leaves and cover the affected eyelid with it to get rid of the swelling of the eyelids and the other included symptoms.


In order to treat eyelid cyst, you can also use aloe vera gel. It is very useful in soothing the eyelids which then reduce the inflammation and the pain. Moreover, the anti septic and anti bacterial nature of aloe vera will help to treat the infection. But if you apply aloe vera gel on a regular basis then you may also get relief from the poor functioning of the oil glands which in turn help prevent the reoccurrence of the problem.


Another remedy you can try is the baking soda. It is an anti bacterial in nature and it so it helps in treating the infection on the eyelids. Apart from this, it is also very useful home remedy to treat itching and inflammation. If you apply a paste of baking soda on the affected eyelid then you can easily get relief from the cyst on the eyelids.


In order to treat tea bags, you can get a tea bag and then soak it in water and then simply place it directly over the swollen eyelids. The tannic acid present in the tea bags will help reduce the symptom of eyelid cyst. This remedy can be applied several times to get complete relief from the eyelid problem you are facing due to eyelid cyst.


The rich contents present in the parsley are quite useful to provide relief from the eyelid cyst problem. This ingredient reduces the blocking of the oil glands and then promoted the recovery from pain and inflammation. For this remedy, you have to boil a few parsley leaves in water and then use the solution to rinse your eyes several times a day.


Castor oil is quite high in anti-inflammatory properties. These properties help reduce the inflammation and it also help in reducing the size

of the eyelid cyst very effectively. Using castor oil for treating eyelid cyst, you can easily apply castor oil directly on the affected eyelids. You can repeat this remedy daily for positive results.


For treating eyelids cyst, you can also use lemon juice. It can treat the pain and inflammation along with providing relief from the problem of infection. So, applying lemon juice on the eyelids id recommended treating the eyelid cyst easily and effectively.


A topical application of coconut oil on the affected eyelid can reduce the size of the cyst effectively. Along with this, coconut oil is also very highly rich in the useful anti-inflammatory properties that will prevent the swelling and the itching symptoms in an effective manner. And the best part of this remedy is that you can repeat it many times until you get rid of the cyst on the eyelids completely.


In order to get rid of eyelid cyst, you can also try lavender oil. You can apply lavender oil on the eyelid cysts to get rid of the inflammation and the pain. Applying lavender on the affected area will help in reducing the size of the cysts.

Eyelid cyst can be corrected or can be treated by following the above home remedies. These are very easy to try at home and it does not require much time to prepare these remedies. Also, it will not cost much to try these remedies. 

Also, you can try some medicine for this as well or even a product that can help you get rid of eyelid cysts easily. But, a preferable way to get rid of eyelid cyst on the eyelid is to use home remedies only.

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