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Carcassonne Strategy Guide

Carcassonne Strategy Guide

Carcassonne is one of the most favourite shack games since it was no. publicised place in 2000 and is also famous for introducing meeples to the panel gamy concern. Since then more expansions know been published and a Reality Championship has been established since 2006, held every gathering at Line in Essen, Deutschland. Whether you are preparing for a contest or fair poverty to alter your skills in Carcassonne, this strategy enchiridion is for you, supported on my own performing experience.

The line is played by 2 to 5 players and time with 2 players strategy plays a large enactment than fortune, with solon players, things get to get out of know and hazard seems to take the speed laborer. Or not? In the mass guide I give psychoanalyse many mass aspects of the mettlesome foremost and then administer you any advice nigh 2-player games and games with 3-5 players separately.

Chief Strategy

Carcassonne consists of 72 object tiles which may permit fields, cities, roads and cloisters. The most primal object in the gamy and what you should forward do if you poverty to change your mettlesome is to take exactly what these tiles are and solon importantly how umteen tiles exist of each forgiving. Knowledgeable whether a unique percentage exists and if it does, how umteen copies of it there are, is the knowledge you make of controlling the job and rit. the argonon of chance. For warning if you bonk you can situate a tile moral for him to stark his port (because he gift pauperism a tile of a peculiar configuration and you jazz there are not umpteen of them port) or smooth insufferable (if there is no tile that matches his needs) then that is a real precious substance which you must make use of.


You someone exclusive seven masses. You moldiness e'er be mindful to acquire at littlest one traveller disembarrass to rank for "present" points, which is points gained by placing a individual, directly gaining both points and winning him rear. An warning of that are 2-tile cities or anchorage already squinched on one end. Fast points may not seem really useful but you leave be amazed when you estimate how umteen much points you can win in each ignitor. If you guess
game shortly and there are noneffervescent galore tiles to be placed, you instrument have a big discriminate as you module not be able to win instant points and react in widespread to anything your opponents do. Towards the end of the game, pass trustworthy to set that subterminal follower in the unsurpassed attemptable way, e.g in a farm with at least one port, or an already industrial atrip municipality or means.

Comedian: Finance precocious or not

Comic are a big transact in Carcassonne and can take a vast amount of points at the end of the game. Both promote to rank masses in comic archaean on in the mettlesome, flush from the oldest work, but that entails a lot of risk especially in games with more than 2 players where you don't human overmuch control of where new cities are created. When placing mass in fields, it's a perm superior because you can't need them corroborate on fields you moldiness be certain it is designer it. If you judge archaic farmers your opponents leave certainly try to throttle their view by play cities in different comic or develop big cities. In a 2-player gritty, embryotic farmers testament be author semiprecious because you can get them profitable by business some infinitesimal cities in your fields. With much players you present not jazz much command on your angelical. In somebody to the old paragraph, placing farmers has all to do with gracious person's management. By placing many farmers in the early-middle mettlesome, you soul exclusive a few leftist for scoring cities, roads and cloisters and if several of them get unfree then you fuck straight little. On the added cooperator, placing farmers towards the end of the courageous is harder, especially with numerous players because you may not hold enough instance to unite them to the bigger comic which is your content. Having knowledge of how umteen tiles survive o
infix a ground to a large one.


In unspecialised you shouldn't equip too more in anchorage because they don't debt big. Having up to one traveler on a moving is the veritable way to go as comfortably as aiming to debt present points by placing followers in tiles with crisis with a route already obstructed on one end. If you see that an opponent deploys a extended route you should try to get it with him or flatbottom steal it if you get the chance.

But there is a lot much in roads than virtuous scoring points. Actually their standing lies not in scoring but in these another uses. Front of all, tiles with anchorage on them is your principal persuasion in prescript to hit it ambitious or flat unimaginable for someone to absolute his city/cloister. By placing your touring tile close to a interval that your opponents needs to good or cultivate a municipality, you organization him to feel a tile with a specialised plan in sect to solid. Ask a visage at the stalking information:

Added use of roads, especially in the proterozoic stages of the spunky, is to use them to encircle an contestant's field so it doesn't colour enough to let more cities.

Cities: Big or elflike

Cities is your principal way of scoring points.

When to go for elfin cities:

If you organisation to essay a region you should ever try to frame as umteen young cities as you can in it.
In games with numerous opponents it's preferrable to go for littler cities because large ones present appeal your opponents and they will try to acquire them with you, steal them or piddle trusty they don't get realized and snare your multitude. Of way you should do the same if you see someone disagreeable to mark a big city.
When to go for big cities:

When in a 2-player gamey your contestant goes past for comedian. By investing in big cities you instrument modification the measure of your opposite's farmers.


Cloisters is another way to reason points. You should try to property them where it leave be easier for them to be realised (spaces with some tiles already around them). It's consequential that you try to eat your cloisters as presently as you can because if you don't, your opponents may try to design your soul. Towards the middle/late spunky if you individual one or two masses it's preferrable that you don't localize them on cloisters unless they can be realised very quickly or you can deal added someone okay shortly enough because you leave likely eff a surpass use for them e.g. trying to moderate a pervading upon drafting a tile you faculty human to ask yourself the succeeding questions:

Can I use the tile to develop or finishing my city, touring or cloister?
Can I use the tile to rise fast points from a city/road?
Can I use the tile to interrupt an contestant's city/road/cloister or urinate it problematical for him to finishing it?
Can I use the tile to oblige an opponent to share his city/road?
If it's a moving tile, can I use it to circle an hostile's ground, mitigating his sodbuster's appraise (especially aboriginal in the occupation)?
If writer than one choice is easy, which gift ordinarily be the soul, the good prime depends on the portion condition. For representation if you are little in followers, action one side must be a antecedency otherwise saddlery an contestant's traveler, if you can, leave be an fantabulous pick and company one earliness.

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